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Action Figure Discipline!

You're walking through the toy aisle, and by the grace of the toy gods, you find a rich lot of figures! "THIS ONE LOOKS COOL!" "THIS IS A GREAT PRICE!" "I CAN USE THIS FOR SOMETHING LATER!" SO many toys... but such limited funds! What should collectors do to solve this dilemma? The wise action figure collector must have what I call  Action Figure Discipline ! What is Action Figure Discipline? Here is Action Figure Almanac's definition: Action Figure Discipline - the practice of only buying within one's most desired action figure lines Here are some things to consider before diving into an abundance of tempting but unnecessary action figures! 1. Is this line of figures still alive? With the oversaturation of figure lines popping up everywhere now (kickstarter/preorder lines included), it is very easy to understand why some figure lines stop new releases. If you are interested in jumping into a new line, consider the growth of the line. Will th

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